Live Captioning

Reach your full audience with Ai-Media live captions, in a format optimized for your needs – and in any language! Whether you host live events or work meetings, deliver online or on-site classes, broadcast on television, or stream to YouTube, our suite of live services will optimize your content.

Live Captioning on Any Screen. Anytime, Anywhere.

Make your live content instantly accessible with our industry-leading captions delivered to screens in real time.

Live Captioning

Make your live content instantly accessible with our industry-leading captions delivered to screens in real time. Viewed on our top-of-the-line, customizable caption viewer, or added seamlessly to your videoconference or live stream with end-to-end support. Highly scalable for large or small sessions. At the end of your captioned session, receive a full transcript of the session in your preferred format.

Live Broadcast Captions

Our long-standing expertise in the set-up and implementation of broadcast technologies makes us a global leader in live captions for broadcast. Harness the power of our 24/7, quality-assured live captions, backed by our in-house technical development and innovation.

Live Localization

Reach multiple language groups in real time with our world-class live translation services. Expertly delivered via our human-curated machine translation solution, to make your content accessible at a competitive price.

Driving captioning technology for leading brands worldwide.

Our live captioning can be added to streams on any major platform.

Ai-Media is an industry leader in livestream captioning. Our high-quality live streaming services are quick and seamless to set up, scalable and efficient, ensuring captions have 100% uptime, hassle-free. 


Maximize Zoom Meeting Engagement with Live Captioning

Send to Any Device

Our live captions can be delivered in real time to any web-enabled device.
ai live examples on cart screens in multiple sizes

Display Options

Display your way – our live captions are flexible to meet your needs.
image of a full screen CART caption
Image of Zoom session CART caption
CART captions image of 2 lines on video screen
image of a Powepoint CART caption
CART caption format options view

Formatting Options

Using our caption viewer, easily customise the look and feel of your captions. Choose from a range of fonts, colours and sizes that are applied instantly to your live captions. Our formatting options include the OpenDyslexic font, as well as settings for colour-blind viewers, and those with low vision.


After your captioning session is completed, we can provide a full-text transcript of the live captions from your meeting, event or class.

Platform Integration

We integrate directly with leading lecture capture and media management systems.
CART platform integrations with mediasite, panopto, echo 360, blackboard, kalture, tegrity

Live Localization

Ai-Media enables you to offer multi-language live translations.

With Ai-Media, your speaker can present in one language, and you can offer your audiences multiple options of languages of their choosing for displayed captions.  

Flexible solutions for individuals and businesses across all industries

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Why Use Ai-Media
for Your Live Captions?

Ai-Media has been proving services that make video content more accessible since 2003. As a global solutions provider, Ai-Media’s innovation delivers the highest quality at the most competitive prices.

Among our many advantages, customers leveraging Ai-Media’s live captioning for their livestreams get the best from Ai-Media because we offer services based on:

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