Ai-Media's leading automatic captioning service

Access high-accuracy automatic captions with Lexi, featuring next-generation machine learning capabilities, quick display times and low-touch service.

What can Lexi be used for?

Lexi is most suitable for high-quality audio streams and live broadcast.

Why choose Lexi?

  • Low-cost
  • High-accuracy – Lexi’s algorithmic machine learning workflows achieve a greater accuracy than ‘out-of-the box’ automated captions
  • Low latency – Quick caption display time
  • Low-touch service with optional technical support
  • Fast turnaround time
  • User-generated topic models (custom dictionaries) feature enables Lexi to recognize topics, use distinctive vocabulary, and observe context
  • Can be accessed from any EEG encoder. E.g., Falcon, Alta, iCap
  • Available in English, French and Spanish
How Lexi™ works

Lexi uses Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technology to produce automated captions from vocal input. 

It gives you the option to add and edit words into the system (into a tool known as a topic model) so it can learn distinctive words and phrases relevant to your session. 

Access Lexi from any EEG HD492, EN537, Alta, or Falcon encoder – no additional hardware required! 

Ask Us About Our Maximum-Security Option, Lexi Local

Protect your data security

Lexi Local delivers live, automatic captions on-premises and off the cloud, meaning elevated security and greater control over your data. And you don’t have to compromise on the performance, precision or quality of Lexi.

Lexi Local logo in blue colours with a padlock and a speech bubble icon

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lexi?

Lexi is the leading automated captioning service created by EEG. It is a cloud-hosted solution that uses algorithmic machine learning workflows to achieve greater accuracy than ‘out-of-the-box’ automated captions. Lexi’s comprehensive data-learning structure, topic model technology and hybrid workflows make it North America’s leading automated captioning solution.

What is Lexi best used for?

Lexi is a fantastic option for those wanting live captions at a low cost and a higher accuracy than ‘out-of-the-box’ automated captions. It is suitable for live settings with a single speaker and a clear audio feed, with minimal background noise, music or overlapping dialogue.

How accurate are Lexi captions?

The accuracy of our Smart Lexi captions is higher than out-of-the-box ASR. Accuracy will also vary from session to session, depending on the quality of the audio feed and the accent of the speakers.

What is the price of Lexi?

The price of Lexi varies depending on the specifics of implementing the service into your infrastructure and workflow and your volume of content.

What are topic models and how do they work?

Topic models (sometimes also known as custom dictionaries) are databases of specific terms and phrases that teach an Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) engine, so it produces the words correctly when it ‘hears’ them. With Lexi, you have the option to add your own topic models. This process makes the live captions more accurate when consumers receive them to their screens.

Does Lexi meet regulatory requirements for the provision of live captioning?

Regulatory guidelines for live captioning vary greatly between countries and regions. While Lexi meets regulatory requirements for quality and time delay in many regions, some countries have specific requirements that Lexi does not yet meet. If you are unsure of your country’s requirements, please get in touch for more information.

Do we store your data?

You can read our full Terms of Service and Privacy Policy on our website. 

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