Maximize your Virtual Meetings with Ai-Media

Captioning for Virtual Meetings

Maximize audience participation in your Zoom or Microsoft Teams virtual meeting with Ai-Media’s integrated live captioning service. Captioning catches and holds meeting attendees’ attention for longer, and improves their capacity to retain the information from the meeting.

What kinds of virtual meetings can Ai-Media live caption?

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Ai-Media’s live captioning is fully integrated with the Zoom and Microsoft Teams meeting applications and is seamlessly embedded on your meeting screen. Attendees can easily toggle the captioning on and off as they need. Set-up is easy.

Why add Live Captions?

Increase Engagement

Transcripts lead to increased engagement, and double the rate of content completion. Speech-to-text transcription allows for a better audience experience, with longer view times and more interaction with your brand.

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Improved Accessibility

Transcripts, like closed captions, make your content accessible to people that are deaf or hard of hearing, or have English as an additional language. Transcribing your content means anyone can read it, even when they can’t access your original media.
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More Flexibility

Give your attendees multiple ways to engage with your virtual meeting, wherever they are. If they’re in a noisy or silent environment, live captions will let them follow along.


Maximize Zoom Meeting Engagement with Live Captioning

How Our Live Captions for Zoom and Microsoft Teams Work

When working with Ai-Media, we provide the best technical expertise to ensure everything runs smoothly and as expected.

Laptop on a desk with Zoom open and nine people in the meeting. Live captions are displayed at the bottom of the screen. There is a cat and a plant on the desk in the background.

1. Place your booking  

Just let us know in advance when your Zoom or Microsoft Teams* meeting is happening and that you’ll need live captions. (*The Microsoft Teams integration roll out is staggered by Microsoft, so if you do not yet have access to this feature, contact Microsoft for details.)

2. Set up your meeting 

Users may require their organization’s Zoom or MS Teams admin to enable CART scheduling permissions. The meeting organizer can enable closed captions in Zoom or Microsoft Teams and send us the third-party captions link either prior to, or once your meeting starts.

3. Live meeting

Your captioner will connect to your Zoom or Microsoft Teams meeting and create live captions from the audio. Captions will appear in real time at the bottom of attendees’ screens. 

Why Use Ai-Media?

We provide high quality captioning for some of the world’s biggest brands.

Ai-Media has been proving services that make video content more accessible since 2003. As a global solutions provider, Ai-Media’s innovation delivers the highest quality at the most competitive prices. Among our many advantages, customers get the best from Ai-Media because we offer services based on:

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