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Ai-Media provides premium video accessibility services, integrations and automated workflows, and tools & features that help make video accessibility easy.

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Live Content Captions

Whether you broadcast on television or stream to your own YouTube channel, host live events to a global audience or deliver classes to a single student, our suite of live accessibility products ensures nobody misses out on what you are delivering.


Streaming Captions

Our live streaming captions appear as text overlaid on the video stream during your broadcast or event. Our stream management services include sending your stream to any of the popular video streaming platforms such as Facebook Live, YouTube, Twitch and Zoom.

Captions (CART)

Live CART captioning is a speech-to-text service which delivers captions remotely to almost any screen – computers, projector screens, tablets or smartphones. Meetings, events and classes are made accessible through live captions.

Audio Description

Audio description is the narration of the key visual elements in a video to provide access to people who are blind or have low vision. Audio description ensures everyone has access to a wide range of content from TV, movies, marketing content and more.

Recorded Content Captioning

We offer everything you need to make your recorded content accessible to everyone, from people who are deaf or hard of hearing, to people who are blind or have low vision, or are learning your language. Our captioning and subtitling products also improve engagement and SEO, while transcripts and audio description will ensure you’re WCAG compliant. Our suite of accessibility products unlock your content so you can reach your whole audience.


Captions appear as text overlaid onto your video and represent the speech, narration and sounds that occur throughout. Depending on the needs of your audience, you can choose closed captions that can be turned on and off by each viewer, or open captions that are permanently displayed on your video.

Audio Description

Audio description, also known as video description or described video, is the narration of the key visual elements in a video to provide access to people who are blind or have low vision. Our audio description service complies with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and local legislation requirements.


Transcripts convert video and audio into text files that can be easily read and give complete access to content. Our transcription process is fast and accurate, and the resulting transcripts improve the effectiveness of your content by increasing accessibility, search traffic and Google search indexing.


Subtitles are an on-screen translation of your video’s dialogue into another language. Overlaid on your video, much like captions, subtitles are the simplest and most efficient way to share your content in any language.

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