Captioning solutions for every need

Ai-Media is your one-stop shop for all captioning, transcription and translation solutions.

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What can Ai-Media do for you?

Every Ai-Media solution is unique and has specific applications. Our staff will gladly assist you in choosing the perfect solution for your needs.

Live Captions

Make your live content instantly accessible with our industry-leading captions delivered to screens in real time. Viewed on our top-of-the-line, customizable caption viewer, or added seamlessly to your videoconference or live stream with end-to-end support.

Recorded Captions

Perfect the accessibility of your recorded content with our captions for recorded media. Our recorded captions come from our deeply established position in the industry, informed by our in-house practice guidelines and standards, and our deep roots in accessibility.


We can also make your captions available in any language. Harness the global market and make your content accessible to multiple language groups with our translation services for live and recorded media.


Our live and recorded captioning solutions are conveniently paired with our excellent transcription service for no extra cost. Get both in one package, in any language!




Ai-Media is a vertically integrated media technology company that can serve all your needs in captioning, transcription and translation.

We’re here to help, across purposes, across industries and across platforms.
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